4 UFOs in the Sky... on Jan 2014

Date of Sighting: 13-Aug-2013
Location of Sighting: Ramsey City, MN, US
Description of Sighting Report: My 15 year old daughter, 7 year old niece, and myself witnessed this event. We were driving on Highway 47 approaching Alpine Drive. My daughter noticed some lights in the sky. We drove in the direction of the lights. We stopped the car in a neighborhood that is backed by a wooded area along the Rum River. We saw 2 of the objects actually leave the ground. At take off, they were red and chevron shaped. As they ascended, a red trail of light followed. The objects then reached the sky, changing into fireball shapes that were yellow/orange in color. There were approximately 6-8 objects. They floated around for a minute or so. At this point, they lined up in a row and began to follow each other across the sky. We then got in our car and followed. We reached a point where we were right below the objects as they passed over. They did not make any noise at all. We watched as they proceeded through the sky and disappeared in the distance. We only had my nieces Ipod with us, but we took videos (in 4 parts) using her Ipod. We were overly excited on the video portion, as we were seeing this activity happen (sorry for the Midwestern excitement).
Here are 4 videos of UFO Sighting...