Camera Catches Objects above Dallas Skyline

Date of Sight: 18-Jan-2014
Place of Sight: Dallas, TX, US
Description of Sighting Report: On January 18, 2014 at approximately 7:17PM, Lonnie and I were taking pictures of the Dallas skyline. To us, the sky was very clear and normal. When we got home and took a look at what we shot, the pictures revealed what the naked eye couldn't see. There are three shots taken with exactly 24 seconds between each. The first appears normal, the second you can clearly see three craft-like objects each with lights. The third shot the objects vanished, completely gone from the frame. It couldn't have been a plane. The nearest airport is NE, we were facing NW. And, that still doesn't explain the duration of the shots or the fact that the sky appeared completely clear of everything-objects and planes alike.