Google Moon Reveals Many Artificial Craters On Moon And More!, Jan 2014

Date of discovery: Unknown Location of sighting: Earths Moon Coordinates: 22°42'48.71"N 142°35'12.58"E

Here are some screenshots I took while looking at Google Moon. Just copy and paste the coordinates into the search box and hit Google Moon. But don't stop there. Have a look around and may be, just may be it may open your mind more than you thought possible. 

What we have here are artificial craters that are actually alien structures. Not five or ten, but thousands, so relax and zoom in on some of these amazing and thought provoking structures. They are real, both the structures and alien species. But if its too much for you, take a deep breath and go do something else...and come back when you are ready.

To find it look for the black square on the moon. Looks like the photos below.  All the structures are all around this black area one will see

Go to this area to find the pyramid or triangle structure below

Photo below shows exact location of triangle structure.