"Memorable" Disc shaped object interfered with television signal

Date of Sight: 20-Aug-1969
Place of Sight: DeLand, FL, US
Description of Sight report: "Around noon one day in mid August 1969, I was having trouble with my television signal. While adjusting the rabbit ears, I noticed that the front yard went dark with a shadow, and that the shadow clearly had a rounded edge to it. This surprised me, so I peeked out of the front door and saw a huge round object moving south, slowly. After a moment, it had disappeared over the tree line, and the television signal returned. Few moments later, it happened again. This time I ran to the kitchen to grab my mother's camera, which she kept atop the fridge. I then ran back to the front door, and saw that it was moving north. So I had to run back through the house to the back door for a northward view. As I ran out of the back door, I landed on the last of three steps so hard that it broke in two and I fell on my knees. It was there long enough for me to snap three photos with a Kodak 135. Only one of the three developed, the first, which only caught about two-thirds of the object. The other two were blank but for a small white light. As I knelt there, I encountered a bone crushing vibrational sound, a sonic disruptive force, that made me feel ill and fatigued for a few hours. The object finally disappeared over the trees to the north-northwest.
The original photograph was given to Author and Investigator George D. Fawcett. The only copy I have is from a magazine article, and has my age and time wrong.[I was eleven years old at the time]"

That UFO... may be like this....