Moon Like UFO Over Sacramento, California Baffles Weather Reporters, Jan 2014

Date of sighting: January 2014
Location of sighting: Sacramento, California, USA

KCRA News States: 
We are back. It is a celestial rock in space, if you will. Dirk, what is it? Is it a planet? Is it the milling? We have been searching for you in the newsroom to find out. That is interesting. Is it the moon? I don't know. You would have to back up to really see. At that looks like a point of light. If it is close to the sun and the sun is coming up, it is more than is close. But It is not a planet, because it is not twinkling. No, I would say that is not a planet. That cannot be Saturn unless there is an eclipse going on. (More at source)

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