Something Special UFO in the Sky

Date of Sight: 06-01-2014
Place of Sight: East Rutherford, NJ, US
Description of Sighting Report: "i was driving on rt 3 west approaching giants stadium about 10 oclock in the morning. i was in traffic but noticed something odd in the lower sky. i knew i would not be able to concentrate on what it was so i got my i phone ready and took a blind photo towards the object thru my windshield as i passed and had a moment to look, i saw a big military type helicopter in the sky thru my skylight and then assumed that this was what the object must have been. so i never looked at the photo assuming it was something explainable. however, while looking thru my photos today i came to that photo for the first time and i am at a loss to explain what is on the image. if anything, i thought it would be the large helicopter.

The only explanation i can give this is something on my windshield, however, i did not have a mark, a chip or any kind of mark on my windshield and if the i phone camera had that short a focus, the rest of the windshield marks and dirt etc would be in focus and noticeable and the signs in the distance would be more distorted than in this photo and then what of the object in the sky? this would have to be included in the photo even if my window had a mark on it.. i am sure i captured the object thru the window. therefore this has to be the object i saw in the sky"