Strange UFO in America on Jan 2014

Date of Sighting: 29-01-2014
Location of Sighting: Anchorage, AK, US

Description of Sighting Report: "Once again I was sitting on my sofa looking out my NW facing window. I have seen many times these bright objects and they got my attention, once again this morning.
The night before last, they were in the skies, same area around, 1:30am on Jan. 27th. I have pictures of that incident also projecting white beams. At 3:30am this morning, January 29th, 2014, I took a couple of pictures and then noticed there were lots of bright objects in the sky. I turned off the lights around me, inside as well as outside, I went outdoors at that time. There were so many bright objects, I didn't know what to do first. It was like the perfect storm. Clear, cold and almost cloudless with stars in the sky, twinkling. When I snapped a couple of shots, I actually couldn't see anything on my camera's screen, it appeared to be black. All of a sudden, lots of colored beams orange, blue and white started showing up. I took a few pictures, it seemed so over whelming to me with so much activity going on, I went back inside to check what I had captured. After about 10 to 15 minutes it became quiet once again, with just one lingering bright object quite a distance away and seemed to be gliding around and hovering but very slowly. It remained for another hour or so and just disappeared. The others exited as quickly as they came. I am not sure what their entire duration was but it wasn't long. It all happened so quickly, I am not certain whether they were gliding around like the lingering one did. I also observed orbs that appeared like they were in the fog."