UFO -Mysterious Flying "Rods", What Are They?

Hi... Friends... i just want to share this mystery. The topic was all about "The Rod", it is an UFO the only cameras caught by accidents.

In cryptozoology, ufology, and outdoor photography, rods (sometimes known as "skyfish" or "solar entities" or "sky warms" ) are elongated artifacts produced by cameras that inadvertently capture several of a flying insect's wingbeats. 
Since 1994 strange serpent-like creatures have been captured on film flying through our skies. Are these so-called 'Rods' of ET origin or a new form of terrestrial life? 
Analysis reveals that the rods seem to be cylinder-shaped 'creatures' that range in length from about 10 centimetres to 3 metres, and can travel at speeds of up to 300 kmh. They appear to fly through the air by using an undulating solid membrane which vibrates extremely rapidly on each side of its body (similar to how a squid propels itself through water). 
Up until now, no proven explanation has ever made about this flying creature. Many people are trying to identify what is the nature of these creatures. 

Here are some videos related to Rod UFOs....