UFO Sighting at East Pozo Road, La Panza, CA, US

Description of Sighting Report - 
"I live in Paso Robles, California. I am retired. I and 6 other friends are Partners on a Mining Claim in the La Panza Mountain country which is about 30 miles south/east of here. One of my Partners, Mike, and I scheduled to meet up for a day of exploring, Metal Detecting. He lives in Grover Beach, on the coast and drives Hwy 58 to Redhill Road. I drive from Paso to Hwy 58 but instead of turning onto Redhill Road, I go past that cause Im driving a car and Redhill Road is a narlie dirt road that is not maintained very well, so I drive a extra 15 miles past Redhill on Hwy 58 to Pozo Road/La Panza. This is all rural Old Cattle Ranches that dot the perimeter of the Los Padres Forest, La Panza being a Historic Ranch, once a small town. A very popular place for Dirt Bike Riders and Weekend or Hobbyist Gold Mining. I had just turned off of Hwy 58 onto Pozo Road and had driven maybe 1/2 of a mile. I started to take some pictures cause of these Pine Trees that sit on the ridge of the mountains that can be seen for miles away to the west, where I was going. Im writing another Book about this area and the Old Indian/Spanish/Mexican Trails and these Pine Trees seem to be a Major Monument along the Old Trail. I took about 5 pics of them, all within 20 seconds, I was just short on the road to coming on up to the CDF (Fire Station). I NEVER SAW this Object while I was taking pictures, it was just later as I started to review my pics that I found it and its just one picture. It it was a plane or helicopter, I would have waited for it to pass, but I never saw anything. If it was a bird, it would of been in my other pictures. Its True that there is a Condor Sanctuary back up in these mountains (Beartrap Canyon), but they are so rare to see, and if it was one of them, the bird would have been in the other pictures."