UFO Sighting in Caracas, Venezuela

Date of sighting : 05-01-2014
Place of sighting : Caracas, Venezuela
Description of Sighting Report : ( From Spanish to English Translation ) "I was in this park (Caracas, Venezuela), also it is called Francisco de Miranda GeneralÃsimo Park, enjoying a family picnic day, and I decided to take some pictures by the landscape that was watching, take several photos, without seeing them in detail when a balloon gets home, I'll post pictures on social networks, I see a strange forth the background of a photo, at the top of "Cerro El Avila" to give zoom appreciate a similar item green with a shadow on the bottom, or something that looks a shadow, compare it to the pictures to take place immediately and in this there was nothing, take two photos, one after the other of the same place and perspective in this object and the other does not. When I saw the picture being at home really scared me, share the information with the family and decided to publish it today."

In 2nd Photo...