UFOs and ALIENS in Guatemala ( Research Post - Don't miss it )

This image posted by... Gregorio figueroa@Ipedep in Twitter.
Place of event - JALAPA,GUATEMALA

Gregorio wrote... "Taken on Saturday January 25, 2103 EL Carmen Church and Jumay Volcano Jalapa Guatemala"
not only this one... there are several UFO sightings happened in Guatemala. Below UFO appeared in
Guatemala City in 1976.

It means... Guatemala appears as one of the key points in Aliens list. 

It is Guatemala
Several other UFO incidents happened in Guatemala are given below.....

Photograph taken by Jeysen Caban Fernandez, during the Good Friday processions (14 April 2006) in the Central Square of Antigua, Guatemala. Fernandez states: "When I took the photos with my digital camera, I didn't see anything, but when I downloaded them to the computer, I was able to see this object in the sky, which is very close to the Volcan de Agua volcano that borders the city. I consulted this with other people and we believe it cannot represent either a plane or a bird." Jeysen is a native of Puerto Rico. He employed a Kodak EasyShare CX-7300 camera with normal exposure times.

Below image Published: 9:58 AM 6/16/2011

Santa Rosa, Guatemala - 06-11-11

A tourist visiting Guatemala on June 11, 2011, observed what appeared to be a silver object flying in the sky that he could not identify.

His sighting occurred at 10:30 AM, local time.

The object was above the volcano Jumaytepeque, located in Santa Rosa, Guatemala.

UFO found in picture from Antigua Guatemala 5-19-2010 - Mufon Report
Description of Sighting Report (Google translator)

I was in La Antigua Guatemala in capacitacin the Spanish Agency for International Development COOPERATION (AECI).

At lunchtime go for a walk around town and take photographs of streets and buildings hitricos with my NOKIA 5800 XpressMusic phone.

The attached photograph is efificio of the Municipality of La Antigua Guatemala, you can see the flags of Guatemala and the City at the top of the building. At the time that I DO NOT percat bean photographed a UFO.

Then at night the photographs mover of cell phone to the laptop and prepared to observe them carefully and until that moment I saw the UFO-shaped triangle.

The resemblance of UFO B2 Spirit bomber is amazing.

Below Incident shows us Aliens marking on Guatemala.....

Guatemala Sink Hole Made By Aliens Living Below City in an Underground Base, By Scott C. Waring-UFOlogist. 
Guatemala Sink Hole Made By Aliens Living Below City 2010, UFO sighting. - Scott C. Waring's blog, A Novelist, Teacher and UFOlogist in Taiwan.

Now the question is why Aliens target Guatemala ? May be the answer lies in Mayan Civilization....

Guatemala: UFO experts amazed by Mayan panels just unearthed
Michael Cohen
All News Web
Fri, 13 Mar 2009 16:01 CDT

© Reuters/Eduardo Gonz├ílez SCSPR/Handout
One of two newly discovered Mayan panels is seen in the northern Guatemalan Peten jungle in this handout taken March 7, 2009.

Reuters reported this week that archaeologists working in deep in Guatemala's northern jungle have unearthed incredible carved panels that are believed to depict scenes from Mayan creation myths involving monsters, serpents and deities. The panels were discovered on the site of El-Mirador, the largest known Mayan city in the world which is constantly being excavated revealing more surprises. The city itself is remarkable in that it contained the complex roads, canals and impressive structures one would expect of a modern metropolis. The sites head researcher Richard Hansen has dated the panels to around 300 BC.

As expected there was no mention of aliens or UFOs in relation to the find. Ufologists have been concentrating in particular on Mayan civilization and mythology for decades, probably more so than any other ancient civilization. Its astronomy and myths of immortal beings arriving from the stars to give humans knowledge are well known.

Ufologists are now marveling at the latest image of Mayan mythology carved in stone. Many have already noted that the image shown on Reuters clearly depicts a UFO surrounded by two non-human beings covered in some form of technological equipment. Interestingly the date range given for the carvings puts their creation not long after Ezekiel's graphic descriptions of wheels within wheels. Reuters has published a photo of one of the Mayan panels and to say that the similarity to Ezekiel's wheels and 'living creatures' is striking might be putting it mildly.

I don't think the proof of the theory that civilizations were once guided by alien visitors could get any stronger. The only question is when will our friends from space openly return and give us some guidance, possibly more needed now than then.

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