Yellow cyndrical object with purple tail appeared in picture in remote empty valley.

Date of Sight: 10-Aug-1995
Place of Sight: Salida, CO, US

Description of Sighting Report: "While on a western road trip in August, 1995, I visited a very remote valley somewhere in the vicinity of Mt. Princeton, CO. The valley was only accessible by dirt road and there were no other people anywhere to be found.
I snapped a couple of dozen photos with a canon point and shoot 35mm film camera. Some time later, I noticed a yellow cylindrical object with a purple tail, in the attached picture, hovering above the valley.
At the time, I only had the print and the negative, and the object was too small to scrutinize. I just figured it was just a photographic anomaly and gave it no further thought.
Just today, I found the picture while going through some old stuff. I noticed the object and decided to scan it into a digital file for closer inspection. It definitely appears to be an object hovering over the valley with no explanation of how it could be there.
There is still probably some simple explanation as to what it is, but I thought I would submit it to you to see if it fits any past photos or observations.
Again, there were no other people, and certainly no aircraft in this very remote and inaccessible valley. In addition, it did not appear in any of the other 20 or so pictures I took of the valley. The picture has faded a bit over time, but can be enhanced with the appropriate software to view it in more detail. The attached picture is an untouched scan of the original print. Please let me know if you think this is truly a U.F.O., or just an explainable phenomenon.
Thank you"