UFO caught Leaving Moon, May 21, 2014 -VIDEO

Date of sighting: May 21, 2014 Location of sighting: Earths Moon
This is a fascinating catch. Scott Waring himself have recorded such UFOs appearing and disappearing on the event horizon of the moon... the outer edges. This is exactly what it looks like. These UFOs are orbiting the moon and coming and going from it, so before you declare this to be a fake, you are going to need a HD digital camera with a 35X zoom or better.

Below is a video that Scott Waring recorded back in Sept 22, 2012. He cannot make them anymore, because he dropped his camera and it no longer works.
Go and see Scott Waring's Great UFO Website... Click here

Did not notice the UFO at the time, but only after reviewing the photos

Location of Sighting - Manhattan NY, US
Date of Sighting - 25-May-2014
Description of Sighting Report - "We were taking photos of the city at night across the Brooklyn Bridge. We noticed the object only after reviewing the photo on the camera. When we first noticed it, we thought it may have been some reflection from some material. It was at night and we didn't notice it in the air when we were looking at the city, but when we reviewed the photos it seemed to be hovering and moving."

Watch same photos in full zoom

Source - Mufon

UFO Flies By Plane Window In London UK, May 25, 2014

Date of sighting: London, England
Location of sighting: May 25, 2014

This UFO sightings is really interesting. A person saw it from a plane over the UK. The UFO can be seen far above the clouds. Some people say this is part of a building, however, no building is that tall. 

Latest Crop Circles in Wiltshire and Dorset UK and Perugia, Umbria Italy - May 27, 2014

The latest Crop circles found in England and Italy.

1. Crop Circle in Brimslade Farm near Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire, UK - April 16, 2014

2. Crop Circle in Hambledon Hill near Iwerne Minister, Dorset, UK - April 30, 2014

3. Crop Circle in Marsciano in Perugia,Umbria, Italy - May 17, 2014

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What is this...? UFO or Balloon..?

 Description of sighting Report - "Ok were do start well I was leaving Ireland to go to new York and I was on a 747 jumbo jet, about half way to new York I was sitting on the left side of the airplane Window when I happen to see a round shape object like a moon it was red in color an very big! . IT WASN'T moving
we just flow right by it. I got to see for about 4 or 5 minutes before going by it. It sits above
the alantic ocean. Swear to you that it is still there, were I last saw it and its sitting about
32 thousand feet in the air. Please go se."

via... mufon

Mars in the Mojave

The Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex (GDSCC) sits inside Fort Irwin, the U.S. Army’s National Training Center, which appears on the map as a vast, gray expanse in the Mojave Desert. Yet despite its air of mystery, it was quite easy to get directions to the complex by using the phone to call and schedule a tour. Hoping for a signal from the Red Planet, I set out to see NASA’s massive structures and to explore our own nearby martian landscape, Rainbow Basin.

The antennas at Goldstone communicate with spacecraft exploring planets, asteroids, and interstellar space. (Image via NASA)

Entering a high-security zone makes you feel a bit like a secret agent. Driving alongside tanks and men in uniform, I passed through two checkpoints requiring license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. Foreigners receive special badges (perhaps in case they’re spies?). Pets, weapons, and alcohol are forbidden. Finally, after gaining clearance and receiving safety instructions, we began our three-hour tour.

Storms behind the Echo-DSS 12 antenna and Goldstone Museum. Photo by the author.

The dishes of GDSCC communicate with various spacecraft, including the “most distant human-made object in existence,” Voyager 1, currently traveling over 11 billion miles away from the Earth in interstellar space. These super-sensitive antennas can receive signals as weak as a single attowatt.

GDSCC is one of three complexes that make up NASA’s Deep Space Network. Located at equidistant positions across the world, this network allows constant communication with spacecraft as the Earth rotates. The other two complexes are in Madrid, Spain, and Canberra, Australia. Each is set inside a geographic depression, sheltered from interfering radio signals.

The lonely landscape was rumored to be inhabited by burros, desert tortoise, cougars, and rattlesnakes. Photo by the author.

Our caravan made several stops within the 53-square-mile complex, including the museum, the Signal Processing Center, the Apollo Station, the Beam Waveguide Cluster, and finally, the Mars Station, the largest antenna at GDSCC. Standing 24 stories high, the Mars Station’s large parabolic dish measures 70 meters in diameter; too large to fit in the frame of my camera. It communicates with many spacecraft, including the Curiosity Rover on Mars.

The Mars Station received astronaut Neil Armstrong’s famous quote:“That's one small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind." Photo by the author.

To my great disappointment, no secrets of extraterrestrial intelligence were revealed. But the evidence of human intelligence was astonishing. Standing beneath the looming dish of the Mars Station, I was reminded of how recently the Space Age began. Today, technology continues to push forward at lightning speed. In fact, the non-profit Mars One Foundation plans to send a manned crew to settle on Mars by 2024. Last fall, their call for astronauts resulted in over 200,000 applications. Would you volunteer for a one-way trip Mars?

Curiosity's tracks on Mars. (Image via NASA)

Rainbow Basin Natural Area, Barstow, California. Photo by the author.

Since I was resolved to my earthbound status, I traveled 30 miles south to the Rainbow Basin, where lack of precipitation and extreme temperatures have created a fantasy landscape that's as inhospitable as the mountains of Mars. In fact, this geological wonder is so barren and isolated that the US Bureau of Land Management recommends telling a friend or family member where you are going and when to expect you back, just in case someone needs to look for your body.

Loop Road. Photo by the author.

Rainbow Basin can be explored in an hour or several days. If you’re in a hurry, try Loop Road, a scenic ride that feels more like Disneyland than a National Landmark. Four wheel drive and high clearance are highly recommended for this narrow, roller coaster path. If you have more time, stay at Owl Canyon campground, and get lost in the dry riverbeds and canyons. Just remember to bring enough water and proper supplies. It’s not Mars, but you will certainly feel like the last person on Earth.

Colored rock layers. Photo by the author.

Hiking along a dry riverbed. Photo by the author.

A yellow wild flower known as the prince's plume. Photo by the author.

via... - http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/mars-in-the-mojave - A Good Website. Visit it for Knowledge and Fun.

The Making of NASA's Global Selfie: 100+ Countries, Thousands of Photos

The 3.2 gigapixel Global Selfie mosaic, hosted by GigaPan, was made with 36,422 individual images that were posted to social media sites on or around Earth Day, April 22, 2014. When viewing on GigaPan's website, clicking on the "Snapshots" icon in the lower-left corner will display a row of highlighted images.
Image credit: NASA

To see all images... go to... http://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/2014-globalselfie-wrap-up/index.html#.U4E5E3ZGrFw

or go to... http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/155294

Noticed silent yellow/orange orb approaching from W, had cam on tripod 8 sec exposures

Location - wrightsville beach NC, US
Description of sighting report - Was taking a few nightsky shots with 35mm lens looking to capture stars,satellites, planes whatever. Walked over to the wife talking a minute when I noticed a brighter than usual light moving to the ENE from the W. This would put this object crossing the beach just south of Masonboro Inlet.

The object was brighter than anything in the sky,silent,and stayed lit(not strobing). Only thing that flys this path is the SABLE chopper, and you can surely tell when he is flying by sound alone.

The 1st photo had to move the camera to position and was shaky. In the 2nd photo(moved camera again to locate) the object was going behind the tree and in pic #3(had to move camera again) it is not shaky and shows the wobbly path and inconsistent yellow /orange glare. I wished I had not been set for 8 sec exposures as it appears to just be a trail of light. It is plain to see it is not a chopper or plane due to their lights are more consistent as evident in photo #3 of a planes lights.

It did not appear to be moving extremely fast,but steady for sure. In pic #3 I am not sure how to analyze the length of line the plane made in 6 secs at a further distance / as the object made at what appeared to me to be a closer distance. The objects line seems to be 1.5 as fast as the plane. Silently is what gets me : )

Nikon D5200 35mm lens f/1.8 ISO-1600 8 sec

Nasa's Images Latest..!!

Voyager's Neptune

Composite Image Credit & Copyright: Assembly/Processing - Rolf Olsen,
Data - Voyager 2, NASA Planetary Data System
Explanation: Cruising through the outer solar system, the Voyager 2 spacecraft made its closest approach to Neptune on August 25, 1989, the only spacecraft to visit the most distant ice giant planet. Based on the images recorded during its close encounter and in the following days, this inspired composited scene covers the dim outer planet, largest moon Triton, and faint system of rings. From just beyond Neptune's orbit, the interplanetary perspective looks back toward the Sun, capturing the planet and Triton as thin sunlit crescents. Cirrus clouds and a dark band circle Neptune's south polar region, with a cloudy vortex above the pole itself. Parts of the very faint ring system along with the three bright ring arcs were first imaged by Voyager during the fly-by, though the faintest segments are modeled in this composited picture. Spanning 7.5 degrees, the background starfield is composed from sky survey data centered on the constellation Camelopardalis, corresponding to the outbound Voyager's view of the magnificent Neptunian system.

Opportunity's Mars Analemma
Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Cornell/ASU/TAMU
Explanation: Staring up into the martian sky, the Opportunity rover captured an image at 11:02 AM local mean time nearly every 3rd sol, or martian day, for 1 martian year. Of course, the result is this martian analemma, a curve tracing the Sun's motion through the sky in the course of a year (668 sols) on the Red Planet. Spanning Earth dates from July, 16, 2006 to June 2, 2008 the images are shown composited in this zenith-centered, fisheye projection. North is at the top surrounded by a panoramic sky and landscape made in late 2007 from inside Victoria crater. The tinted martian sky is blacked out around the analemma images to clearly show the Sun's positions. Unlike Earth's figure-8-shaped analemma, Mars' analemma is pear-shaped, because of its similar axial tilt but more elliptical orbit. When Mars is farther from the Sun, the Sun progresses slowly in the martian sky creating the pointy top of the curve. When close to the Sun and moving quickly, the apparent solar motion is stretched into the rounded bottom. For several sols some of the frames are missing due to rover operations and dust storms.

Hubble's Jupiter and the Amazing Shrinking Great Red Spot
Credit: NASA, ESA, and Amy Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center) et al.
Explanation: Gas giant Jupiter is the solar system's largest world with about 320 times the mass of planet Earth. It's also known for a giant swirling storm system, the Great Red Spot, featured in this sharp Hubble image from April 21. Nestled between Jupiter-girdling cloud bands, the Great Red Spot itself could still easily swallow Earth, but lately it has been shrinking. The most recent Hubble observations measure the spot to be about 10,250 miles (16,500 kilometers) across. That's the smallest ever measured by Hubble and particularly dramatic when compared to 14,500 miles measured by the Voyager 1 and 2 flybys in 1979, and historic telescopic observations from the 1800s indicating a width of about 25,500 miles on its long axis. Current indications are that the rate of shrinking is increasing for the long-lived Great Red Spot.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot from Voyager 1
Image Credit: NASA, JPL; Digital processing: Björn Jónsson (IAAA)
Explanation: What will become of Jupiter's Great Red Spot? Recorded as shrinking since the 1930s, the rate of the Great Red Spot's size appears to have accelerated just in the past few years. A hurricane larger than Earth, the Great Red Spot has been raging at least as long as telescopes could see it. Like most astronomical phenomena, the Great Red Spot was neither predicted nor immediately understood after its discovery. Although small eddies that feed into the storm system seem to play a role, a more full understanding of the gigantic storm cloud remains a topic of continued research, and may result in a better understanding of weather here on Earth. The above image is a digital enhancement of an image of Jupiter taken in 1979 by the Voyager 1 spacecraft as it zoomed by the Solar System's largest planet. NASA's Juno spacecraft is currently heading toward Jupiter and will arrive in 2016.

Eight UFOs Fall In China After Russian Rocket Gets Hit By UFO, May 16, 2014

Date of discovery: May 16, 2014
Location of discovery: Heilongjiang Province, China
News source 1: https://tw.news.yahoo.com/三個ufo-墜落黑龍江引議論-093725769.html
News source 2: http://www.cna.com.tw/news/acn/201405160304-1.aspx
News source 3: http://news.mydrivers.com/1/304/304801.htm
News source 4: http://www.ithome.com/html/out/85670.htm
News source 5: http://t17.techbang.com/topics/27813-call-shield-heilongjiang-fall-falling-three-ufo
News source 6: http://news.sina.com.tw/article/20140516/12444833.html

Updated on May 18, 2014: I added 5 more photos and news changed the UFO number. They now say 8 UFOs fell over China, 5 more than they reported on 1st day. 

Hey everyone, this just hit China news a few hours ago. Three UFOs fell from the sky to land in two different provinces in China. People got a few photos, but then China Government people appeared really fast and stop them and made all the people leave. This looks like part of the UFO that hit the Russian Rocket just hours earlier. I told you in the report earlier it looks like an orb UFO hit the rocket, but they found three of them! They are in the hands of the Chinese now. O_o  Check out the video at bottom of this post. SCW

Taiwan Yahoo News states: (translated from Chinese)
Three UFOs crashed in Heilongjiang cited arguments
( CNA Taipei 16 (Xinhua) ) CPC Heilongjiang Provincial Committee Propaganda Department confirmed Yian, that three unidentified flying objects (UFOs) fell from the sky today,  and has plunged into Yian and Baiquan municipal territory under Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province.

WASHINGTON reported,  according to the Committee Propaganda Department Yian noted Yian SHUANGYANG Meng Chang Village villagers heard this morning a huge piercing sound, after that some villagers witnessed a large fireball crossing the sky,  falling within the farmers home vegetable garden.

Subsequently, the villagers photographed the UFO. According to photos, such as a round metal UFO peripheral package has jagged circle edges, and looked like a monks hat or cap on in Mongolia.

Reports as of now,  Baiquan Qiqihar,  Heilongjiang Province, also found that two UFOs crashed together,  shaped like the first object. At the place that they fell, the UFOs have been blocked by authorities. Relevant personnel came to the scene, measuring and researching it.

This news immediately became a hot topic in website "Mainland Friends."  Friends saw the photo that this is possibly an alien probe, satellite or space debris; Some people joked that it was " Which country is spying on neighboring China?" There are people that said this is space junk; also people believe that this is a Russian rocket launch failure that happened this morning.

However, in the end these three UFOs are still under official investigation. (Which means the China govt has sealed these files and UFOs away.

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