NASA Covers Mask to Real Statue on Mars ( Proof is here )

Date of Image available - 2015 February 9
Nasa Source -

What NASA said - "
Layered Rocks near Mount Sharp on Mars
Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS
Explanation: What caused these Martian rocks to be layered? The leading hypothesis is an ancient Martian lake that kept evaporating and refilling over 10 million years -- but has now remained dry and empty of water for billions of years. The featured image, taken last November by the robotic Curiosity rover, shows one-meter wide Whale Rock which is part of the Pahrump Hills outcrop at the base of Mount Sharp. Also evident in the image is cross-bedding -- rock with angled layers -- which were likely facilitated by waves of sand. Curiosity continues to find many layered rocks like this as it continues to roll around and up 5.5-km high Mount Sharp.
This is NASA said to us.

In the source image, on the top left side, you can see this strange Stone. It may not natural stone. It has Strange carvings. May be it is a statue or an UFO.

NASA covers it with two rectangular blurring masks. I made some colour changes to it to know the truth behind it. So that it appears like below

Nasa may not give the real image to us. But one day reality will win.